I'm guessing if you're browsing this page, congratulations are in order!  Getting married was and still is the best thing we've ever done, and we're genuinely excited for you to be embarking on this new adventure together!

As a couple who have been married 16 years, we appreciate the feelings and memories of your wedding day will live on forever in your minds eye, but the only physical reminder you will have in the years to come will be the photographs and/or video.  So we understand why this is such an important decision for you.

We also pride ourselves on being one of the first and few people who offer our couples the extra option of having video captured of their day, so your photographs are complemented with the sounds and movement of your day too.  

We know how fleeting memories can be, and we want to give you the opportunity to hold on to, not just the still moments, but to hear the roar of your favourite people as you have your first kiss; to see and hear how your Dad struggled to hold back the tears during his speech; and giggle as you watch your friends throw out the most awesome shapes on the dance floor.  You can see more information and some examples of our latest film and photography weddings by clicking here.

After shooting over 200 weddings between us, we've found the best results come from a perfect match of photographer(s) + couple, and with the wonderfully talented pool of photographers out there, there should be no need for compromise.  So please take your time to review the weddings on our site and see if they speak to you.  

Take a look at the video above for a compilation of our previous weddings, check out a collection of our favourite images in the galleries by clicking here, or visit our blog for the latest updates here.



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