My name is Pen and I am married to the most awesome man in the World.

It was the Summer of 2001 and Cam had just left Australia to embark on a round-the-World adventure where London was his first stop. He was actually 2 weeks shy of moving up to Scotland when we met but instead, he packed up his rucksack and, moved in with me.

4 months later we were saying “I do” on the cliffs of Dunnottar Castle, and now, nearly 17 years later, we are on a new kind of adventure as we amalgamate our two businesses, McKinley-Rodgers and Story Catchers into one and take it with us to The Other Side of the World! (From November 2018 we'll be based out of Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia).

They say you should follow your passion – and this is it for us. Getting married was and still is THE BEST decision we ever made, and the opportunity to document you at the start of this new journey together, thrills us beyond words!

Image courtesy of Marianne Taylor Photography

Image courtesy of Marianne Taylor Photography

Aside from each other, we also love Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson, vegemite, rom coms, our furry boy,  imagineering, memory keeping, the idea of camping, blogs, green juice, Blind Pilot, The Lumineers, furniture restoration, buying books, yoga with Adriene , Birkenstocks, tattoos, BBQs, Paolo Nutini, jeans, gerberas (our wedding flowers), Netflix Boxsets, carbohydrates (you can never have too much potato!), fresh sheets, sleeping in, living by the sea, a warm home in Winter, Amazon, traveling; and coming home.

Here’s a little film slideshow we put together of our last holiday back to Australia and Hong-Kong to visit family and friends. Come meet them…