Hi, I’m Pen and I am married to the most awesome man in the World :)

Seriously, getting married was - and still is - the best decision I ever made, and I’m so excited for you if you’ve stumbled across me here in search of someone to capture your wedding.

Cam and I met in the Summer of 2001. Cam had just left Australia to embark on a round-the-World adventure where London was his first stop. He never made it further than Oxfordshire when 8 weeks after meeting, he packed up his rucksack and, moved in with me.

2 months later we were saying “I do” on the cliffs of Dunnottar Castle, and now, nearly 18 years later, we are on a new kind of adventure as we’ve amalgamate our two businesses, McKinley-Rodgers and Story Catchers into one and taken it to The Other Side of the World!


We now live in the beautiful coastal town of Port Macquarie, on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia where I’m continuing to document love stories of couples and families near and far.

I fell in love natural family photography because, after a decade of capturing weddings, I realised it was the days in-between the big life events - the ordinary every day moments - that make up the tapestry of our life. Add to that the magic of film: where movement and sound quite literally brings memories to life, and suddenly you have your very own time capsule. One that will only become more special, more potent, and more extraordinary with each year that passes by.

That’s a true gift, and I would love to give it to you.

Here’s a little mini time capsule of my own, a simple pizza night with family - after all, what more do you need? :)

Aside from each other, we also love Frank SinatraJack Johnsonvegemiterom coms, our furry boy,  imagineering, memory keepingthe idea of camping, blogs, green juice, Blind PilotThe Lumineers, furniture restoration, buying books, yoga with AdrieneBirkenstocks, tattoos, BBQs, Paolo Nutini, jeans, gerberas (our wedding flowers), Netflix Boxsets, carbohydrates (you can never have too much potato!), fresh sheets, sleeping in, living by the sea, a warm home in Winter, Amazon, traveling; and coming home.