Beloved is not a simple photo shoot. It’s not about pretty backdrops (although it never hurts) or styled poses. It’s not about your best angle or making sure your outfits complement each other. It’s about why you are together and remembering what’s really important. It’s about cherishing each other and saying-it-out-loud.

Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day living, that we forget what we are living for. A Beloved session is about taking time to remember that.

I know you might think that’s impossible when there are two people pointing cameras at you, and granted, it doesn’t necessarily make things easier; but really we’re just there to remind you that this time is for you guys. We invite you to be playful, to enjoy just spending time with each other; and we stand back and document it.

As a result the images are genuine moments of love captured. And that’s beautiful.

© McKinley-Rodgers 2017 // Cornwall, UK Wedding Photographer